What we like about you [as a Buyer’s agent] is your honesty. You point out the negative as well as the positive. You make us aware of what to look for in areas we probably wouldn’t know were important, being new to the area. . . Although we 
didn’t find what we wanted here, we wish we could take you with us.  
-- Karen & Bob B.

You are a "people person," loving, caring, intelligent, and with a delightful personality.  Rest assured, I will certainly refer any and everyone to you that I learn is in the market for a new home, or just "window shopping."
-- Tommie B. 

Kay, I want you to know it was truly a joy to meet you; the aura that you exude made it easy to take care of the business at hand in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Your warmth, enthusiasm and sincerity were a rare find on a chance meeting." 
-–Roberta G.

I’m very impressed with your great work. Thanks a million!  Your ad certainly was effective! [Their unit was rented within one day.] 
-- Signe T.

Thank you for sharing your amazing talents, time and kindness with us. Your help has made all transactions [Purchase and rental management] so much easier. You are a great friend.”
-- Allan T.

Kay has been a great help to us both in purchasing property in the Corpus Christi area and acting as our property manager. She went above and beyond in assisting us to furnish our rental condo. She has consistently found us excellent renters and always makes sure that our unit is clean and functional. Also she is very easy to communicate with and promptly returns any calls.  
-- Tencer A.

Kay represented my church when we were seeking to rent or purchase a newer facility. She successfully located several options and assisted in successfully negotiating the final purchase. She has well represented my family and me in the sale 
of my current home.  Kay is perceptive about buyers, hard working and diligent in following up on the details. 
-- Grady H.

My wife can be very picky and changes her mind a lot. Kay never gave up and has extreme patience. When our first loan failed, Kay found another lender. There was lots of paper work and delays and Kay was with us every step of the way. She definitely had to work hard for her commission on this one.
-- Richard C.

I hope your experience will be similar. 
-- Kay
Kay Leuschner
Kay Leuschner